Where In The Dashboard Would You Primarily View And Engage With Your Audience And The Social Media Content Published By Others? (2023)

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7. Hootsuite Enterprise Certification Course Answers

  • Where in the dashboard would you primarily view and engage with your audience and the social media content published by others? tabs and streams. the ...

  • Hootsuite Enterprise Certification Course Answershttps://en.certificationanswers.com/hootsuite-enterprise-platform-certification-answers/This Hootsuite Platform certification course is designed and produced in consultation with social media marketing strategists and practitioners.Exam contains 67 or 70 multiple choice questions.You need to score at least 70% or 75% to pass.You have 60 minutes to complete the exam.Some questions:Say you’re assigning an incoming Tweet to a member of the sales team - what’s the most efficient way to provide them with context about how to handle the tweet?Use Hootsuite’s ‘Send to Email’ option in the Streams tab.Send the team member a direct message using Hootsuite Chat.Include a personalized note alongside the assignment.Send the team member a Twitter direct nessage using the Hootsuite compose box. Enabling notifications for your Instagram account(s) in your Hootsuite mobile app allows Hootsuite to send _____________ that notify you when scheduled Instagram posts are ready to be published.text messagesemail notificationsowl post deliveriespush notificationscalendar reminders Within the Hootsuite Composer, you can transform URLs into what’s called an ‘owly’ link. Which of the following are reasons you’d want to use this feature. (pick two)owly links provide higher resolution previews of the webpage being linked toowly links are perceived as more trustworthy than regular URLsowly links are trackable, which means you can track how many people clicked itowly links are prioritized by social networksowly links use less characters than regular URLs Which of the following statements about Hootsuite Tag Feature are true? (pick three)tags are created by adminsyou can add multiple tags per postall users can manually tag postsyou can enter one tag per messagetags can be applied to outgoing messages onlytags can be applied to incoming social post only Let’s say you have 15 LinkedIn posts for an upcoming campaign, and you’d like to schedule them evenly over a two week period. What’s the best way to accomplish this scheduling task using Hootsuite?By using the calendar scheduling function in the Planner.Schedule publishing dates for each post in the Composer.In the Hootsuite Inbox, organize your outbound messages in the order they should publish.Edit publishing date of individual posts in the LinkedIn Streams.Allow Hootsuite Impact to automatically schedule publishing times.Which of the following is a Hootsuite Enterprise feature that allows a user to log into a corporate network with just one username and password to gain access to all the software systems used by the company?retinal scan and/or biometric databaseHootsuite teamsCCO account accesscentralized password databaseSingle sign-on (SSO)LastPass integrationBy setting a team member’s permissions to ‘Can Edit’ on a report in Hootsuite Analytics, you are granting them: team admin permissions for that reportpartial editing rightsadmin permissions for that reportfull editing rights to that reportWhen onboarding new team members in Hootsuite Analytics, we recommend _____________________ to reduce the risk that something is changed incorrectly or accidentally.giving them monitored admin level permissionshaving them share a coworker’s credentialssharing reports in read only formcreating dummy reports using fake social accountsSingle sign-on is a Hootsuite Enterprise feature that allows network administrators to quickly revoke employee access to every tool and service in the corporate network, ensuring __________________.efficient onboarding of new super-admins or adminsa greater risk to your company’s securitythe need to maintain multiple credentials for multiple servicesthe security of all company data once someone has left the organizationan open standard data format for exchanging authentication and authorization dataIn Hootsuite’s Promote feature, what are automation triggers use for?Notifying you when your automated posts have exceeded your campaign budget.Stopping an advertising campaign that is performing poorly.Putting advertising dollars behind previously published organic posts that satisfy criteria you have defined.Analyzing the performance of past posts, in order to recommend posts that should have advertising dollars put behind them.When using the composer, what’s the purpose of the social profile picker?to select the social profiles to which you want to publish your messageto create a network specific search stream on your Hootsuite dashboardto monitor account activity on your social networks connected to Hootsuiteto connect an existing social media account (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) to your Hootsuite dashboardThe data shown in the Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is updated for the first _____ that a post is live24 hours14 weeks31 days7 daysAfter you’ve uploaded messages into Hootsuite using the Bulk Compose feature, where would you go to review and make edits to those messages?ImpactPlannerInsightsTabs and StreamsAnalyticsWhen using Hootsuite’s Bulk Composer, all messages must be scheduled at least _______ ahead of when you plan to import the CSV file into Hootsuite.1 hour10 minutes30 minutes2 hoursLet’s say you’re creating a search stream in your Hootsuite dashboard, to find mentions of the phrase vacation holiday getaway. How do you ensure that the exact phrase gets searched for, rather than the individual words in the phrase?@ symbol after the phrasequotation marks around the phraseampersands before the phraseBoolean operators after the phraseasterisks around the phraseWhich of the following are reasons why you would want to use Hootsuite’s interaction history? (pick two)To avoid asking customers questions they have already answeredTo understand the historical context of conversations a customer has had with your brand, so you can tailor your response to them.To keep track of internal conversations you’ve had with other team members in your Hootsuite organization about a specific client.To quantify customer satisfaction based on sentiment analysis.To automatically improve the copy on social posts based on the reception previous posts have received.It provides regulated industries a detailed history of interactions for record keeping.Why is it beneficial for Team Admins to add multiple content libraries within Hootsuite?if you need to schedule more than 100 messages at a time, you’ll need to create and separate content banksto get better curation results from Hootsuite’s content curation algorithmto supply different teams with shareable content relevant to their functions, and reduce clutter for other teamsto more efficiently search social networks for mentions of your company’s handle or branded hashtagsto more accurately catalog incoming social messaging based on fan/follower typeYou can access Hootsuite’s Campaign tool inthe Composer, in the sidebarHootsuite Ads, under CampaignHootsuite Insights, under Analyticsthe Content Library, in the ComposerPlanner, under the Publisher tabWhich Hootsuite feature provides you with a log of previous conversations with customers from your social accounts?message logcustomer profilestracking pixelsnotification centreinteraction historySay you’re an escalation expert on a customer support team, and a complaint has been directed to you to address. The upset customer claims they’ve tried to resolve their issue with your company numerous times, with no luck. Which of the following is the best feature to refer to, before responding to the customer?Interaction HistoryHootsuite InsightsTeam and time metrics reportVanity URLsHootsuite ImpactLet’s assume you’re part of an organization that receives a high volume of incoming messages on social media. You need to route those messages to the appropriate team members to address. You also need to monitor and report on how efficiently those team members are resolving these issues. Which two Hootsuite features would you need to accomplish this? Pick twoMessage AssignmentsTeam and time metrics ReportsHootsuite ImpactPost performance TemplatesHootsuite ComposerTeam PermissionsLet’s assume you’re running two separate social media campaigns announcing new products. You need to monitor each campaign's performance to understand which product is driving more website traffic. Which Hootsuite are most relevant to this task? (Pick two)Content CampaignsLink SettingsHootsuite AdsHootsuite InboxPromoteMessage AssignmentsSay you’re the admin of a financial services organization that’s highly regulated on social media. What Hootsuite tools would be useful for ensuring all outgoing social posts are on brand, correct, and fall within industry regulations? (Pick three)Content LibraryMessage ApprovalsTeam PermissionsLink SettingsAnalytics ReportsHootsuite InsightsHootsuite’s ever-growing library of 100+ partner apps and integrations is called the:Hootsuite App StoreHootsuite LibraryPartner UpgradesAdd-onsHootsuite Plug-insApp DirectoryThe best place to search for free (and paid) software for customizing your Hootsuite dashboard to your exact business need is called the:Hootsuite Impact tabApp DirectoryHootsuite App StoreExplore tabPartner LibraryWhat is the most popular and loved feature of Hootsuite?the ability to schedule and publish messages to multiple accounts at oncethe ability to automate all your social media activities (i.e., Autopilot)social media analytics and metricsgeo-locating conversations and geo-targeting messagesWhy would you want to add someone to a Twitter list in Hootsuite?to send targeted direct messages in bulkto block them from commenting or re-sharing your poststo create a focused feed of similar users such as industry influencers, advocates, or competitorsto boost the SEO of your poststo group together your published tweets by topic for easier referenceTo access a bank of pre-approved resources that allows seamless social sharing in Hootsuite, use theHootsuite ImpactRSS feedHootsuite resource cloudsuggested content streamcontent libraryenterprise campaigns featureWhen using the Hootsuite Planner feature, the fastest way to compose a new message is to:create a new stream and click the plus signpress “command N” for new and begin typingexit planner and open the Composer from the top right cornerclick on a time slot and choose new post/new pinThe Hootsuite Inbox (pictured below) is meant for:all the options in this listdisplaying posts assigned to you, so you can action or re-assign them.getting a quick overview of the private messages your team has had with a user.displaying unassigned comments, so you can assign them to the appropriate person or team.Which statement most accurately describes incoming message assignments functionality in Hootsuite Mobile?Assignments is a feature exclusive to Hootsuite Mobile.Assignments functionality is available in desktop dashboard only.Assignments made from your desktop dashboard will be visible on mobile, and vice versa.Assignments made from Mobile are not visible in the desktop dashboard.Hootsuite Mobile is useful for teams because of the following functionality:Assignments and ApprovalsCampaigns and Content LibraryContent Library and Online EducationSearch and AssignmentsApprovals and CampaignsIn Hootsuite Analytics, what is an advantage of sharing a report with a colleague rather than sending them a static analytics report?reports include a qualitative analysis report indicating what you should do more of (and less of)activities relative to your defined social media objectivesreports feature a built-in ROI calculator that grade your company’s socialreports analyze a team member’s Hootsuite activity (e.g., engagement and publishing) to pull out the metrics that are most valuable to themreports provide your colleagues with continuous access to real time data, whenever they want itSelect the 4 features that are available on Hootsuite Mobile: (pick four)InsightsTeam MetricsStreamsComposePlannerInbox & SettingsImpactHootsuite’s mobile app lets you see all the posts you’ve scheduled and adjust publishing times to fine tune how you’re targeting your audience. You can access this functionality in the ___________ area of the app.Message AssignmentsContent LibraryPlannerEngagementStreamsComposerWhich of the following is not a benefit of using Hootsuite Analytics?a highly visual, customizable interfaceit’s more efficient to gather metrics data in one place, rather than several different sourcesmetrics data that are updated in real-timehighly accurate estimates of the monetary value of each like, retweet, share, and new followerWhich Hootsuite feature would you use to draft and schedule a message with two images to Twitter and Facebook?ContestsComposerAssignmentsStreamsImpactContent LibraryUsing Google Authenticator with Hootsuite decreases the chance of your account being compromised. Why is this?Google Authenticator includes proprietary biometrics to ensure only the designated user(s) can access it.Authenticator cross-references the IP address on file with the address making the access request.It is unlikely that a third party will gain access to both your Hootsuite password AND the device you use to run Google Authenticator.Google Authenticator requires the users to have a second unique password, in addition to their Hootsuite password.Because Google Authenticator overrides your Hootsuite password and becomes your primary sign-in method.You can publish single-image Instagram posts directly from the Hootsuite dashboard IF you have set-up your Instagram account as a ______________ .business accountcertified accountpaid accountpremium accountpersonal accountWhen you add an RSS feed to Hootsuite’s Publisher, posts from blogs and websites you designate will be: automatically posted to the social network you choose, with a pre-scripted message and a trackable linkput into a ‘Post-Approvals Queue’ for review by your organization’s designated Hootsuite administratorcommented on automatically, with customizable, pre-scripted copy that you input under your RSS feed preferencesblocked from your feedWhich description below best describes the action you would undertake in this dialog box?creating a streamsharing account permissions with your teamcomposing a message for your audienceadding an Instagram account to Hootsuitescheduling a postAn effective way of increasing the protection of your online accounts in Hootsuite is to add a second layer of security to the login process. This process is calledsecure logintwo-step verificationbiometric idsorganization approvalsemail linkingHootsuite access codesHootsuite Publisher is an area of the dashboard that gives social media managers:the ability to schedule posts to multiple networks, and then review, revise, rearrange, and export themthe ability to publish directly to popular blog platforms, such as WordPress, Medium, LinkedIn, and Tumblrinsights into publishing analytics, such as click-through rates, impressions, and CPCsthe ability to track response times to incoming social postsUnlike the overview module in Hootsuite Analytics, which offers one set of aggregated analytics data, ___________________ allows you to run an unlimited number of customizable and shareable real-time analytics reports, dialed precisely to the diverse reporting needs of your organization.the social data feature in Hootsuite Insightsthe insights feature of Hootsuite Analyticsthe metrics module in Hootsuite Social Datathe reports feature within Hootsuite Analyticsthe analytics module in Hootsuite MetricsVanity URLs area web address within a set of sub-domain names associated with certain industry segmentsa customizable, branded URL that lets you track click-through statisticsone that contains a custom domain suffix, such as .io .ly .ing .lovea set of re-direct links provided to your organization’s administrator by HootsuiteUsing Hootsuite’s Campaign tool, you can keep track of how outgoing campaign posts are performing usingCampaign ImpactVanity URLsLink SettingsMetric StreamsOwly UTMsWhen publishing to Pinterest from Hootsuite, you must include two items, which are:a scheduled time and a photoa photo and a linka target audience and a linka caption and a photoTo manage comments and replies for all of your YouTube channel’s videos (in Hootsuite), simply add a ________________ stream.searchmoderaterepliespublished commentsYouTube EngagementWhich tools are found in the header section of the Hootsuite Dashboard? (pick three)App DirectoryAccount SettingsEngagement StreamsQuick SearchMessage ComposerWhich of the options below best describe the action being undertaken in the visual?publishing a social media message to several social media accountsrunning an analytics report to demonstrate ROIadding a social network to your Hootsuite dashboardassigning an incoming social message to a team member for a responsegiving a top performing organic social post a paid boostcreating a new stream for engaging with your audienceorAdding a new Hootsuite user to your Twitter account.Creating a stream to search a network for specific terms.Adding a stream to publish Twitter messages.Creating a Hootsuite Analytics board around mentions.What’s the difference between a stream and a tab?Steams display content from your social networks, and Tabs house a collection of streams.Streams provide account analytics, Tabs are where geo-searches are performed.Tabs are for searching out conversations, whereas streams are for publishing content to your audiences.Streams are for searching out conversations, whereas tabs are for publishing content to your audiences.Which of the following is a reason why you would want to add a moderate stream for YouTube in your Hootsuite dashboard:to automatically flag comments that contain keywords that you’ve pre-defined in your YouTube settingsto vet incoming comments on your channel or specific videos by approving or deleting themto curate non-offensive video content that will resonate with the broadest possible cross-section of your audienceto view analytics on your YouTube channel and videosto limit the number of videos shown in a stream (per 24 hours) to below the threshold you define.Which Hootsuite Composer feature would you use to track click-throughs of a link you want to publish?Ow.ly shortenerLink SettingsMessage tagsPost trackingGeo-targetingUTM MediumIf you have a personal Instagram account, and want to use Hootsuite to publish an image or video to that account, which publishing workflow do you need to use?Direct PublishingMobile NotificationWhat Hootsuite feature allows you to delegate incoming social messages to be responded to by the most appropriate team members or teams?Message analyticsHootsuite’s team flowAssignmentsApprovalsInternal taggingGeo-search streams are used to help you find tweets and Twitter conversations relevant to your brand that are happening in:your home countryspecific social networksprivate profiles or closed networksspecific physical locations or regionspre-set topic areasWhat best describes the benefit of using Hootsuite, as compared to engaging natively from specific social networks?Hootsuite allows you to see the contents of private profiles, providing thorough and accurate customer insights.When engaging on social networks natively, you can’t use the ‘auto-respond’ feature for comments and mentions.Hootsuite more accurately estimates the dollar value of a like, share, and retweet.Hootsuite lets you monitor and engage with all your social networks in one place, decreasing the risk of missing an important engagement opportunity.Hootsuite provides deeper insights into users’ profiles than is found on the networks themselves.When using Hootsuite’s mobile notification workflow to publish images to your personal Instagram account, which step do you need to complete on your phone?Scheduling when your Instagram post should publish.Selecting the image you’d like to publish.Adding links you’d like to publish with your image.Publishing the image to your Instagram account.Which of the following best describes ‘post-tagging’ in Hootsuite?privately tagging someone in an outgoing social post without it being publicly displayeda categorization feature HR teams can use when sharing new job posting through the Hootsuite dashboarda method of categorization for visual assets in the content libraryspecifying that an outgoing social post only be viewable by authorized, logged-in members of your Hootsuite Organization (i.e., for internal networking and collaboration)a method of categorizing outbound and inbound posts for internal purposesHootsuite Photo Editor has an aspect ratio feature. How does this tool assist in optimizing your posts?It allows you to focus on a specific element of an image to draw the viewer’s attention.It reduces the image size to allow it to load faster in your user’s feeds.You can set preset photo ratios to display for different audiences.It crops images to meet specific requirements of different social networks.It allows you to quickly remove red eye and blemishes.When composing messages in Hootsuite, how would you make a rough draft of a message available with a team or team member for collaboration?Publish the message to a social network, then click ‘assign to team or colleague’.Assign the message to a social network the team or team member manages, then click ‘Save Draft’.@Mention the team or team member in the drafted message before saving.Save the message as a draft and then find it in the collaboration board with that team.Within a Hootsuite Analytics report, you can add a tile, which is:a tool for tracking the posts and conversations happening in your area.a pre-set display of line charts, tables, and tree maps.a pre-set campaign template, targeted at specific social media objectives.an executive-level overview of common, aggregated metrics.an individual display of a specific metric.Which of the following is not an action you can perform in the pictured area of the Hootsuite dashboard?save a composed message as a draftsend a direct message to a userretweet and favouritesearch for hashtags or keywordslike and replyThe Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is the best place todetermine your social share of voicereview published posts by network and performanceget a professional critique of your social media strategycreate details analytics reportsWhat are two best practices for discovering whether a message you’ve scheduled with Hootsuite has failed to send? (pick two)Download a ‘Past Scheduled’ report from Hootsuite Analytics, and cross-referencing it with posts actually published on your social propertiesEnable email notifications for failed messages under 'Preferences'Regularly check Publisher’s ‘Rejected’ tabReview Past Scheduled calendar view in Publisher for entries colored redLet’s say you draft a message in Hootsuite, but then want to create several variations of that message, without altering the original. Which of the following actions would you take?Message CascadeDuplicate a DraftCompose ArrayDraft VariationWithin Hootsuite Inbox you can view ____________ on connected Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.public commentsprivate messagesall reactions, views, and commentsboth public and private messagesTo share access to a Hootsuite Analytics report with your colleagues you need to use the Share button to:create and copy a custom owly link which you can then shareauto-populate an internal CRM messageopen a printer friendly version of the reportshare it via emailConversations on Twitter move fast and it’s easy to miss the opportunity to engage with an important influencer or prospect. _____________ are a great way to group together similar people and topics in Twitter so you can focus on activity within a group without distractions.Twitter groupsTwitter listsHootsuite groupsTwitter streamsTwitter spacesSome of the Apps in the Hootsuite App Directory include ‘plugins’ which means that the app:can only be used in one stream at a time.contains additional security featurescontains additional security featurescan be integrated across your entire dashboard, rather than just within a stream.To determine the ROI of your social media activities, which Hootsuite product would you use?Hootsuite MetricsHootsuite Social ROIHootsuite ROI CalculatorHootsuite AnalyticsHootsuite SolutionsWhere in the dashboard would you primarily view and engage with your audience and the social media content published by others?tabs and streamsthe composerthe apps directorythe content library The main benefit of Hootsuite’s interaction history feature is that it createsa shared memory for all team members about the exchanges a customer has had with your organizationautomated responses based on past customer interactionscharts of your customer’s preferred social networksseparate message logs by team member interaction Say a customer leaves a comment on your Facebook page, complaining about a product issue. What’s the best way to ensure this is addressed by the right team?Assign it to the customer support teamSet up a reminder using Hootsuite remindersSend it to Hootsuite’s message extension featureCreate a dedicated EverNote stream, beside the stream in which the message initially appearedAdd a detailed note in Hootsuite Notes When publishing a post through Hootsuite Composer that contains a link, you can apply link settings. Link settings let you (pick two)adjust the font and colors of your linkturn your link into a button or imageadd UTM parameters to your link for trackingshow a preview of the webpage within the postselect a preset link shortener You can do all of the following actions in the Composer, except:schedule when your message should publishconvert a web address into a shortened, trackable owly linktrack character count limits for the social networks your posting topick the social profiles to which you want to publish your messagesearch for mentions of your company name If you don’t have access to your Google Authenticator App, you can still sign in to your Hootsuite account bynone of the options in this listshake your device three times and make a wishhold your device to your retina for retinal scananswer three personal security questionshaving a confirmation email sent to the email address associated with your Hootsuite accountlogin to Authenticator via desktophaving a super-admin validate your identity instead The reports feature in Hootsuite Analytics is:where you set up user-generated content contestsyou undertake audience testing to determine the best ad product to purchasewhere you set the parameters for a Hootsuite social media campaigna fully customizable, real-time display of social metrics dataa location search stream, with geocode set for your specific location When using an RSS feed within Hootsuite, you can limit the amount of content being automatically pushed out to your followers by:turning on the ‘Approvals Queue’, which would require admin approval of each RSS feed postspecifying the demographics of who should receive RSS feed updates (e.g., by age, gender, occupation, etc)specifying under 'Preferences' the RSS feed topics you’d like excludedsetting the frequency that Hootsuite checks for new content to once a day, rather than once an hour The following Hootsuite Mobile functionality makes it easy to collaborate with your teammates on the go:Content Library and Online EducationApprovals and CampaignsCampaigns and Content LibraryAssignments and ApprovalsSearch and Assignments Hootsuite’s content library allows team members topurchase royalty-free stock images for use in social campaignskeep a record of all incoming social messages from fans and followers, as well as responsesshare content automatically from trusted websites and blogseasily share pre-approved resources to the accounts connected to their dashboardautomate the sharing of relevant news stories via Hootsuite’s AI engine, based on previous publishing history Let’s say you want to monitor all the comments on a campaign YouTube video you’ve just launched. To do this, create a ‘My Videos’ stream, find the campaign video, and then select ‘___________________’.PlaylistCreate Comment StreamYouTube SearchGeo-search You’re using Hootsuite to publish a new video on LinkedIn, and you want to highlight a partner organization and notify them about the post. What’s the best way to do this?Provide a link to the partner’s website in the post.@mention the partner organization in the post.Follow their LinkedIn Company Page after you It publish the video.Tag the partner’s faces in the video. A customer reached out via Twitter via Direct Message to your company, looking for support with a complex issue. A co-worker was already helping that user but is away on vacation. What Hootsuite feature would you use to see this conversation and any previous interactions this user has had with your organization via Twitter.History TrackerHootsuite InboxOwlMonitorHootsuite HistoryEngagement Streams With the Hootsuite Promote feature, there are two main ways you can pay to promote previously published organic content: (pick two)Organic Performance PromotionAutomated BoostingRecommended PromotionsSingle Post (Manual) BoostingEnhanced Cost Per Click Sometimes exchanges within a comment thread (in a stream) can become very long and hard to keep track of. If a particular thread is too important to miss, Hootsuite lets you quickly create a dedicated ________________ for that conversation to stay on top of the action.auto-assignmentprivate message streamexternal taggeo-targeted auto-responsecomment stream When it’s time to publish an Instagram message to a personal Instagram account, how does the Hootsuite mobile app alert you that it’s time to press the publish button in the Instagram app?a gentle owl hootpush notificationemailcalendar remindertext message If you want to use Hootsuite to publish an image or video to your Instagram Business account, we recommend using the _____________ workflow, which offers a more streamlined publishing experience.Mobile NotificationDirect Publishing A benefit of using the Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is that it shows:suggested copy for creating high performing postsyour share of voice for keywords and hashtagsanticipated trends for your future posts, based on past performancestats for posts published both natively and through Hootsuite When using the Composer in Hootsuite's Mobile app, which options are available for sending your message?schedule a custom time onlysend now, auto-schedule, or schedule a custom timesend now or schedule a custom timesend now onlyHootsuite Mobile does not allow publishing - only engagement functionality There are several ways you can schedule new messages in Hootsuite. Which of the following doesn’t belong?from the drop down menu in a search streamfrom within the calendar view in the Publisherfrom within the Compose box (manual and auto-schedule)using the bulk uploader Which of the following is not an action you can take in the pictured area of the Hootsuite dashboard?retweet and favouritesearch for hashtags or keywordspublish an outgoing message with photoslike and replysend a direct message to a user To drive traffic to a new web page, you want a web address that’s short, simple, trackable, and reflective of your brand. Achieve this by using aa batch of custom redirect linkOwly linkcustom top-level domain suffixesenterprise URLvanity URL One benefit to using the Post Performance area within Hootsuite Analytics is that you can sort posts by:sharesall of the options in this listcommentsreachengagement rate Which of the following actions can NOT be done in the Hootsuite Planner feature?perform a geo-searchrescheduling a postviewing tagscomposing a messageediting a message In the Composer, there are 3 ways you can attach an image. Which of the following is not an option for attaching an image?uploading it directly from your computerpicking an image from the Media Libraryuploading from a Hootsuite Integration (e.g., Adobe Experience Manager)insert an image from an Instream Tweet ___________ allow you to monitor social activity around certain keywords, phrases and even specific users or locations, and respond where appropriate.Comment trackersInternal tagsSearch streamsAnalyticsPlug-ins Hootsuite’s content library is locatedwithin streams for Facebook and Twitter onlyunder the Publisher tab and within the Composerin Amplify and in Enterprise Streamsunder the Assignments tab and in Inboxunder the Engagement tabWhat are two reasons why it’s important to share your Hootsuite Analytics data with other members of your team? (pick two)to guide your team’s social media tactics to do more of what’s workingto supply colleagues with data required for bulk uploader entriesto demonstrate the ROI of your social media efforts to more senior leadership in your companyto provide colleagues with relevant content to publish with the composerto provide more accurate geo-location search results in your streams To find and engage in Twitter conversations happening in specific geographical areas that are relevant to your company, you should use:the Hootsuite Surveillance featureinternal/external tagginggeo-search streamsgeo-targeted messagesHootsuite campaignslocation tags Publishing to Pinterest with Hootsuite saves time because:it guarantees your pin will receive more engagement than posting natively.it automatically edits any image you upload into a more ‘pin-able’ version.you can schedule and post to multiple accounts and boards at the same time.the Composer window suggests popular content for you to repin. A report in Hootsuite Analytics has a flexible, interactive interface into which you can drag and drop an unlimited number of:templates, which are individual displays of a specific metriccampaigns, each of which are targeted at a social media objective or goaltiles, which are individual displays of a specific metricoverviews, which are pre-set collections of metrics datatrendwatchers, which are pre-set displays of line charts, tables, and tree maps Let’s say you want to categorize outgoing and incoming social posts to organize a high volume of information flowing through your social accounts. Which Hootsuite feature would achieve this?hootagsmessage assignmentsPost-taggingmessaging bookmarkshashtag streamssocial pixels Within Hootsuite Inbox, you can see all the correspondence between a user and your organization on a particular social channel, including public and private conversations. This is useful for:targeting paid advertisements to the user more accurately.feeding data into Hootsuite chatbot for more human-like responses.understanding the full context of the most recent exchange, so you can reply appropriately.gathering marketing analytics on the user’s behaviour. Why would you use Tags in Hootsuite? (pick two)to privately tag someone in an outgoing social post without it being publicly displayedTo monitor campaign and event activityTo let a specific team know when a post needs their attentionTo categorize in-stream posts to measure volume and sentimentAll of these What is the advantage of connecting an Instagram business account with Hootsuite, as opposed to a personal Instagram account?You can publish longer videos.Business accounts get increased organic reach.You can publish single-image posts directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.Hootsuite offers business accounts additional privacy features. Let’s say you have saved 10 different messages as drafts for a holiday campaign. You now need to schedule these drafts to publish, taking into account other messages that might already be scheduled. Which tool would be most effective for this task?Schedule the publishing time when composing the draft, cross-referencing with a calendar.Do not schedule them which will trigger Hootsuite to automatically assign a timeUse the Auto-Publisher, and set the cadence for everyone 12 hours.Use the Hootsuite Planner to drag and drop the drafts into the most appropriate time slots.Use Hootsuite’s Bulk Compose feature. Assignments is an Enterprise feature that allows Hootsuite users to:track outgoing social messages with URL parametersdelegate specific social messages to certain members of your teamonboard new team members by assigning them time-sensitive training exercisesassign a branded, trackable URL to an existing web addressorganize Hootsuite team members into a structure that parallels that of your organization’s When using the Hootsuite dashboard to post images to your personal Instagram account, there is a step that must be completed within the Instagram app itself--which is it?Scheduling when your Instagram post should publish.Compose the text you’d like to accompany the image.Publishing the image to your Instagram account.Selecting the image you’d like to publish.Including a shortened Owly link that will accompany the post. Anything you want to do in Hootsuite can be found in either the header or the sidebar, with the main workspace is in the center. Which of the following is not a feature you’ll find in the sidebar (see image below for reference)?App DirectoryEngagement StreamsPublisherNotificationsAnalyticsWhich of the following is a Hootsuite Enterprise feature that uses SAML for provisioning account access?Hootsuite teamsCCO account accesscentralized password database (CPD)LastPass integrationretinal scan and/or biometric databasesingle sign-on (SSO)If you need to keep track of a large number of published or scheduled messages sent to a variety of social networks, Hootsuite __________ is an important product area for you to familiarize yourself with.AssignmentsContent LibraryApprovals QueuePublisherEngagementWhen saving messages as drafts, it’s important to remember that your draft will not go live unless _______.you have scheduled it or clicked 'Publish'you have admin permissions or higheryou have approval from a Super-Adminyou have unlocked the draft for editingThe purpose of the social profile picker in the composer is topick the social networks for which you’d like to generate a statistics report about your publishing effortsselect the social networks you’d like to monitor for activity relevant to your brandidentify the social networks to which you’d like to publish your messageselect or deselect your existing social networks you’d like to connect to with your Hootsuite accountHootsuite’s Two-Step Verification process uses Google Authenticator, which is a mobile app that providesa captcha to prove you’re not a robotany of these optionsa secure, unique link to the Hootsuite dashboardan identity verification text messagea simple skill testing questiona time-sensitive passwordHootsuite’s interaction history feature is best described asa shared memory for all team members about the exchanges a customer has had with your organizationa feature that automates customer support responsesa way to monitor Snapchat DM’sa feature that instantly DM’s clients who request informationAn annotatable list of the exchanges a customer has had with a competitorA significant benefit of Hootsuite’s single sign-on is the security it brings to which process?mobile publishing processbackground check processall the options in this listoff-boarding processon-boarding processmessage approvals processYou can keep track of how outgoing campaign posts are performing by adding UTM parameters to your link. Keep in mind, UTM parameters are public-facing andcan not be shortenedUn-editablemust be 50 characters or lessexpire after 30 dayscase sensitiveHootsuite’s Campaign tool is useful whenintegrating a traditional media campaign with digitalmanaging campaign content from the Hootsuite mobile apprunning multiple campaigns at oncecollaborating with agencies and external clientsThe purpose of the social profile picker in the composer is to:select or deselect your existing social networks you’d like to connect to with your Hootsuite accountselect the social networks you’d like to monitor for activity relevant to your brandpick the social networks for which you’d like to generate a statistics report about your publishing effortsidentify the social networks to which you’d like to publish your messageYouTube is a great source for curating interesting content for your audience. Hootsuite helps with its built in YouTube ____________. This lets you discover new videos based on keywords or key phrases.search stream'My Content Finder'filter videossuggested contentcontent curation tabWhen you share a report with a team member in Hootsuite Analytics, you can allow that team member to adjust the parameters of the report to fine­-tune the insights being generated. To allow for this collaboration, you must set the permission for that user to:‘Can Edit’‘Custom’‘Default’‘Unlimited Permissions’‘Super-Admin’Single sign-on is a feature that lets network administrators _________________, ensuring the security of all company data.instantly lock any internal data to prevent accidental leaksquickly share login credentials for an entire organization to shareautomatically flag users who pose a security threatquickly revoke employee access to every service in the corporate networkHootsuite’s content library allows team members topurchase royalty-free stock images for use in social campaignskeep a record of all incoming social messages from fans and followers, as well as responsesshare content automatically from trusted websites and blogseasily share pre-approved resources to the accounts connected to their dashboardautomate the sharing of relevant news stories via Hootsuite’s AI engine, based on previous publishing historyWhich of the following is not a feature of Hootsuite?the ability to fully automate your social media marketing activities (i.e., the 'Autopilot' feature)the ability to schedule and publish messages to multiple accounts at oncethe ability to monitor conversations and engage with your audience across multiple social networksgeo-locating conversations and geo-targeting messagesWith Hootsuite’s Mobile App you can share ______________ with teams, which allows everyone to monitor the same social feed and see which messages have been responded to and by whom.campaignsPublisher calendarsstreamscontent librariesmessage approvalsSee the visual below. Why is the action being taken here important?Adding 3rd party apps to your Hootsuite account is a great way to customize your dashboard for your unique business case.Without performing this action (at least once), you can’t take any actions within the Hootsuite dashboard.Publishing messages is how you’ll engage your audience.Running reports is a vital part of demonstrating ROI.Which Hootsuite Enterprise functionality brings additional security to the off-boarding process?assigned administrationbackground checksingle sign-onbiometric idautomatic message redirectssecurity profilesIt’s important to ensure you’ve done the following steps when scheduling messages using the Hootsuite bulk compose feature. (pick two)ensure you use a 24-hour clock format (e.g., 17:00 rather than 5:00pm)convert the document into Hootsuite’s .hoot format and uploadinput the date in MONTH, DAY, YEAR or DAY, MONTH, YEAR formatinput your messages into a text document using an up to date version of Microsoft Word_______ are created within ________, similar to how you create individual files within a broader file folder.Libraries; EngagementEngagements; PublisherStreams; tabsTabs; social networksArrows; columnsThe Hootsuite Bulk Composer allows you to:approve large numbers of posts composed by junior team membersschedule up to 350 messages at one time, including existing scheduled messagesgenerate large amounts of SEO friendly copy, based on social marketing goalssend out hundreds of personalized direct messages to your Twitter listspublish the same message across hundreds of social media networks at onceadd background music to all the YouTube videos in a playlistLet’s say that you want to put paid advertising dollars behind any post you’ve published that contains the word “excellent”, has an image, and received over 500 Likes. What feature in Hootsuite’s Promote tool would you use to accomplish this?Post PerformanceAudience DiscoveryAutomation Triggers“Build Your Own” audienceOrganic Performance PromotionHootsuite’s Photo Editor includes numerous tools to help you optimize the photos you are sharing. You can find the Photo Editor:All of the options in this listUnder “Edit Asset” in the Content Library.In the Promote area, for editing creative for paid ads.In the Composer, after selecting a photo to post.Disclaimer:Content of CertificationAnswers.com should be considered us a fair use. Fair use is the copyright regulation that allows the limited use of copyrighted materials without acquiring permission from the right holders for comment and educational purposes. Views, articles and images on this site may contain copyrighted material which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. CertificationAnswers can use some kind of copyrighted material for educational purpose. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.More certification answers: https://www.certificationanswers.com/en/exams-answers/

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